I just want to thank God for granting me the creative capacity to illustrate dope music - Jameel Mason


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Jameel Mason a product of New Brunswick (Pine Hill) New Jersey discovered his love for rhyming at the age of 10. Throughout the years he would channel his frustrations within his rhymbook but all that would change when he recorded a song titled “No Turning Back” which caught the ear of Eminem. He was playing college basketball at the time, Eminem wanted to meet but the date and time coincided with a big collegiate game and Jameel never made it to the meeting.

His two mix-tapes The Sample & D4G (Destined 4 Greatness) were received exceptionally well in the Tri State Area and his single “This Life” gained him a lot of notoriety in industry circles. Having turned down a multiple artist deals he used the capital he was making from Wall Street to fund 100% of his music endeavors.

His style is gritty but smooth, melodic but heartfelt, his reps New Jersey with a passion and prides himself on lyricism – JESRDAY 👿


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